Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photoshop Hybrid project : Petals

My creation is a gray cat with a flower growing in place of its right eye ball and its ears are butterfly wings. I call this cat "Petals". She was born from a hybrid of a plant and another animal specie.

Petal's story began when scientists was experimenting on stem cell reach with an embryo of a cat. They thought that cats have had an ancient history of holding mysterious power of the divine. Scientist thought there is still something they need to unlock or further explore. During her incubation of Petals as a kitten, an accident occurred during an earthquake when another experiment of re-growing butterfly wings on plants fell in to Petal's incubation box. It was 3 days before one notices that there was any change that had occur. The wings had broken off the flower and landed on Petals premature growing ears that was not fully developed yet. The flower attached itself onto her right eyeball and grew its roots and wrapped around the eye ball. She behaves like any other cat, expect she just looks different and butterflies tends to surround her, which can be annoying. One day she escapes for the lab, now she roams the forest trying to fit in.

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