Saturday, February 27, 2010

Google Earth Project

This is my attempt to post my Google Earth Project online, which was my trip to Washington DC. I picked places I like best on my trip, its starts with sfo airport,then Lincoln memorial,Washington monument,the natural history museum,library of congress,the US capitol,the national gallery of art and finally the san jose airport.I took out the videos and uplaod all my pictures online thinking that it might work but it did not. If you notice the stalling in between places, it was suppose to pop up pictures.I guess I should be happy that the building are there..or not depending on the Internet speed. I have a feeling that my pc is the problem. Maybe I should switch of to a mac like everyone else...

An artist that I thought was interesting that also use goolge earth as his installation art pieces is Fabrizio Pavari. It's interesting how he takes monumental location and add his art of glass letters and symbols. Here's a link Check it out.

My second artist is Evert Schut. His use goolge earth to create landscape painting from a satellite's point of view. He is a biologist/ environmental expert but is an artist at heart. His paintings captures a modern prospective of what landscape in our time would be seen. He's very talented.
Here's a link:

With google earth artist mapping from above while below artist are ging to the roof tops to create art for google artist to view. I believe that that is a well done team effort. This one is my favorite :

This on is good too..

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Assignment 2 - Hybrids, Cyborgs and the Augmented body

The mixture of human and machine reminds me of movies like Blade Runner ,Gatteca and Terminator. Its a know fact that we are curious about what would happen if we take advantage of the advancement in technology in the medical field to a whole new level and use machines to create human parts as well as machine parts for humans organs. Basically, we are creating a new breed of humans. DNA and genetics codes would be easliy corrected from future cancer or diease or altered to better us in anyway we want. As we finish watching each movie that dealt with the notion of science and moral reasoning, we see that human beings have a way of getting corrupted and ruins everything because of greed. We are then put in a position to play god, which is not right. We should be humble and never over do anything because it will change how we live and where we end up for the worst.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Assignment #1 Google Earth

My idea for my first assignment is to map out my top 5 favorite places that I had visited in Washington DC.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Sol Lewitt

Sol Lewitt is a conceptional artist amongst his passion to design structures during the 1960s. His view on conceptual art is very profound. He believed that the mental process of an idea is the essential part of creating this form of art. In the end resultthe art pieced would be viewed as an insperation of the moment that transend into something that give makes you raise your eye brow and confuse you, at first. Lewitt's idea of what makes conceptual art is expressed through examples of baseball and apes vs artist as examples. This type of creative expression can best be done through series of ways,form and technique. It's not the typical or traditional art style that we art trained to admire. It challenges the conviention of what art was and how it could be expressed through other forms. His short essay set the standard for a better defination of conceptual strategies and style.