Monday, March 15, 2010

Art by Chance

This is my recipe for art by chance. I plan to make a flip book of art by chance. My results are pending..

Art by Chance
Created by Chi Tonnu

1 pack of index cards
1 pack of rainbow colored markers
1 black marker fine tip


Answer the following the questions below in 2 words of less.
1) What is your favorite weather?
Ex: rainy, snowy, cloudy, sunny, windy,
Answer: _______________________
2)Are you left handed,right handed or both?
Answer: _______________________
3) What is the first thing the comes to your mind when you hear the word "happy".
Answer: _______________________
4) Pick one of the following:
A)Polka dots B)Vertial lines C) Horizonal Lines D) Circles
5) Pick a number between 1-8.
Answer: _______________________
6) Pick a word that represent you.
Ex: Passionate, confident, Artist, Fashionista, bossy, cute, beautiful
Answer: _______________________


Fill in the blank with the ansers from above.

1) Pick a color from your markers,take your answer for number 1 and draw it on the left or right side depending on your answer on number 2. If its right handed then draw your picture on the right side (if you are both then draw on both sides).
2) Using your black marker, write your first name in the center your picture .
3) Pick between a heart or a bubble shape. On the opposite side from your picture of your weather (if your were right handed and left handed you maight do this on both sides of your paper) and write the words from #3 in the picture of the weather.
4)Put your initial under the word in red ink.
5) Using your answer from number 5, draw with the color that associated with the number you picked. (1=red 2=orange 3=yellow 4=green 5=blue 6=purple 7=brown 8=black )
Draw your shapes for number 4 with this color and be sure cover 75 percent of your card, you can pick any area on the card you like and as many polka dots (in any size) or lines as you want.

6) Pick a color of your choice and write your answer for number 6 in any font you like (lower case or capital) in the center of the card.

Now turn in this card to the person that gave you the project.

Thank you for your time!

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