Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monuments instill faded memories

In the article,Seeing The Past Tense, Working Thoughts on Monuments by Professor Levine, this article talks about how we idealize monuments that holds artificial memories for its historic value that may not tell the full story. Monuments are like giant grave stone, marking where our nation has grieved or celebrated.We pass on these ideas to our younger generations about how these monuments are suppose to represent a tribute to history and the fine details to how this symbolic symbol was deciede to hold was best suit the memory or why this event in history only is blurred from misinform information. Kirk Savage made a good point about how these monuments tell a different story that does not reflect the true meaning of the representation.

We have to remember that this monument is not only a symbolic representation but its also an art piece. Art can be interpretation in many ways. I've visited monuments before and I've always appreciate them as an art piece rather then it historic meaning. I believe that history is important for a representation of history in art has value and is needed to display your patriotism. Art attracts people for its aesthetes not its history. This article does make me re-evaluate the monument's full reasoning behind the monument and are we appreciating and honoring it for the right reasons or is it propaganda when we refer to such monuments that that are displayed in Washington DC ? It is in itself is the capital for monuments. I would like to re visit it and have a new prospective on them.

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