Monday, March 1, 2010

Eduardo Kac's GFP BUNNY

This is an incredible display of art in science. Eduardo Kac found a way to turn a white rabbit into a fluoresce green rabbit. Kac has considered the implications that this may lead to ethical and moral issues pf crossing the line of creating a completely unbelievable breed or species of rabbits. Kac did take the time to consider the safety and risk that it might cause harm to the rabbit. I am a skeptic about how much compassion people have over animals when they have something to prove. It looks as though he actually cares about the rabbit, by giving it a name and sharing her with his family,making her apart of their family. Most science experiences that involves animal usually is done in a cold and black and white way of thinking. The Rabbit name, Alba is green and seemed to be loved. This is what separates him from being a true scientist and artist. He's and artist before he is a scientist. Kac inspired me to maybe turn my self orange through eating a lot of carrots... lol(laughing out loud).. I saw it on an episode on House that this was possible, who knows if its going to work. It's just a thought, well see....

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