Friday, May 21, 2010

Final Project Images

In my monumental beef project for google earth, I  used halogram of cow projections in areas that have large groups of people and /or where beef  is consumed the most to spread the concept of how much cows are killed for their consumption. Every 30 seconds a cow will pop  up and "moo" ... The Google Earth project was a way to show where the exhibit of cows will be displayed and capture them amongst people and the environment that surrounds them. Blue cow will roam the streets at special hours in the evenings...
Google Earth

Washington  D.C
New York
New York
Santa Clara
San Francisco

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Computer History Museum

I went to the computer history museum on Sunday later on in the day so I didn't have a lot of time to observe everything. The thing I found interesting was that in the Hall of Fame there were only 2 women that contributed to computer technology advancement. The exhibit that the timeline of computers was interesting to me because media plays a large role in following the advancement in computer upgrades and developement. Everything starts  out gainormous and then strinks to a tiny ipad. The experience was great considering that short time limit I had. I had to work earlier to I when there late.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Talks about beef

Here is the guy I was talking in class.It inspired me to do my project. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Improbable Monument Proposal

Improbable Monument Proposal

I propose using holograms images that are life size to display  how demand of beef is destroying the world. There would be life size cows holograms taking up the spaces of people on the street and will multiple at the rate of  rain forests are being destroyed through satellite tracking and images.

I was researching on the rain forest and stumbled on livestock and extra land to grow grains for cattle. It turns out that my original idea of rain forest lead me to a bigger issue of the demand of beef in the US is destroying rain forests to make room for more cows so that Americans can grow fatter. When people destroy many rain forest that exist around the world it causes climate change and contribute to global warming. ( So, only 100,000,000 is killed a year... ) Americans are brain wash to believe that they need that much meat in their lives,which is strongly connected to fast food the industry.

Project Description:
I would like to build and program slightly larger then the average a hologram projector that is made of metal and hard surface that can be broken down into smaller units in order to install it in area that might not have the space for the projector. There will be 2 projectors set up in each highly populated fast food location such as outsides of malls downtown, schools and business areas in order to make a larger impact. The projector will be running on battery and back up battery supply. It will run for every 2 hour to conserve energy. It looks like a  giant heating lamp with a platform  underneath the cone over of the projector.This cone protects the generator from getting wet.  It will be on display for 1 month per location.

You will first see a hologram of the cow walking around the perimeter of the where the hologram is set up. The first cow will smell things and makes its rounds as though it in a field and then sits down on the ground and then another one will appear on the opposite side and does the same thing and sits down in another location on the streets and slow the street is filled up with nothing but cows for 1 minute then they will all disappear with a blink of a eye. Then we see a rain forest being brunt down, and then a bare field and a heard of cows enters the field as thought its was like the Holocaust days where Jew were gathered up and trapped waiting to be executed. Finally we will see earth rotates and a clip from the movie Wall-E will play, about how humans have gotten so lazy and fat. The Earth is no longer safe to live. I feel that this will plays a key role in reminding people that we can make and brake the world. We hold the power to destroy rain forests and cause global warning. Cows are the friendless creature in the world and are subjected to the worst way of slaughter to people's appetite. When people are subject to be around animals of a large scale they seem to respond to the realness of the situation and would understand how much meat is being produced and would also get a bigger picture of what the issue it truly is regarding. Now a day its hard to shock anyone with facts, you have to do it with images and sounds. We have to make them experience it. Not everyone gets to see a rain forest goes in fire. I feel that it will show where they are investing their money when they buy fast food and consume over a pound of beef a day. One day the planet will no longer be safe to live in because "we" destroyed it with carbon emission from numerous large livestock farms. There is but 1 Earth in the entire Galaxy. People won't be able to touch it because its a hologram. They can  be apart of the experience of the populated cows and burning of the rain forest and people gaining weight from laziness.
This is am improbable monument because it looks like you just walk out of the twilight zone into the world of Star Trek but its not like that at all. It is not a typical structure, it looks out of place next to the bright colored  building fast food restaurants and street lights. It is not a conventional thing that we are familiar with seeing. It will definitely raise re-actions.The goal is to get people to eat less meat and down size that use of fields and land for the purpose raising cattle.

I believe that the people's health that would gain from this awareness and especially the vegetarians and the cows too. This would help with climate change, gas carbon emission and slow down the process of global warming and save our top soil from depletion. Our culture would also adapt to thinking about preservation over consumption.The audience that this project is gearing toward  meat and fast food lovers of all ages. This monument is not to tell them to stop eating meat. It is telling them to cut back because our planet is headed toward the ICU emergency  facilities.

Timeline of Task:
There are a few factors that I have to consider in order to make this monument possible. I first have to find a organization that with sponsor my project, then find a company in the Hologram Trade show to sponsor my cause then I start getting some game plan fully in motion, but first and before any of that can even happen I have to successfully pitch the idea in a presentation. My PowerPoint presentation will take me 2 weeks to compile and prepare. The total estimated timeline starting from scratch to having the monument up and running is 6 months to a year depending on how well the hologram projector's quality and having the correct size, images and sequence of holograms pop ups, how sunlight play a role in reflecting the hologram during the day ( concern that the hologram may be too transparent to see during day time) and if  using battery vs. direct current power cord  is more cost effective. There will have to be several of test runs with the audio as well. Finally getting th city's permission to display the unit and wait for approval. If everything goes smooth I can say a within a year or so.