Friday, April 9, 2010

Visiting Monuments

My partner for the monument project,Tane and I spent this morning visiting monuments in the Golden Gate park. I has no idea that this park was this big.This first place we went in the park was the Japanese tea garden,luckily it was free on Friday. we discovered a few pieces that was very interesting, they were a family plaque, a lantern and Buddha. Then we went to check out a Pioneer Mother monument that rubbed me the wrong way. The boy and girl (siblings) were awkwardly posed and naked next to their fully clothes mother. Tane thought it was interesting and said she would research it. Then we walked further by the De Young museum and saw the Francis Scott Key monument, Apple Cider press,Lion and the Sphinxes. We reviewed what we observed and decided to that the Hagiwara family plaque, for it's placement location and lower investment on conservation. Here are some pictures to our trip.

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