Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SFMOMA :75 Years of looking forward

My first trip to a place that has conceptual art is to SFMoma.  In one of their recent exhibit  includes Sol Leweitt and an exhibit of  Conceptual art pieces. I've have never been to SFMoma before, so this was my first time visiting this museum. I bought my ticket and enter the building to steps that was split into 2 directions both end in one location. There are 5 floors to this museum. The first floor was their 75 Years Looking Forward exhibition anniversary. I only made it to the 3rd floor because the museum was closing at 5:30 pm. I spent most of my time on the first floor admiring the pop art. I eventually made my way over to the Conceptual art room and stare at a t.v set  for about 5 minutes waiting to see what was the nextt position that the person in the t.v box might do. His name was .... The main attraction was that large screen in the back of the room , play clips  to construction people fighting/wrestling from a projector. I thought how does this convy art?  I could see that possible the act of reacting could resulting in movements that construct  a sort of dance or motion that is art. Or I am not thinking of much bigger ?  I finally turn the corner to the the next room and saw the Sol Lewitt piece. It's pretty amazing the graphs and plotting numbers could be art. I was very impress with what I  saw at the museum.

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