Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Cartoon Museum

I visited the cartoon museum today. It was pretty cool, considering I didn't think I care that much about cartoons. It turns out that I am more familiar with some of the  cartoon characters  then I am with art pieces at SFmoma. I felt at home when I was here, I grew up with most of the cartoons in this museum. I did not expect for some of favorite Japanese Anime characters to be here. I saw a cells of the characters from Samurai Champloo. When I was walking around, I saw The Simpsons, Bugs bunny, Powerpuff girls and Dennis the Menace. On the other side of the museum was comic book images during and after works. I saw the many phases of batman by various artist and have to say that I like the style and work of Neil Adam in The Silent Night of Batman during the 1970s. Each of the drawing or sketches has amazing detail and depth.

The comics and cartoons show the continuity of the history events and style of their time. Between Japanese and American style of cartoon and comics, their technique are similar except Japanese manga seem to hold a lot more action drama and emotions being that it is without color. I thought that was pretty interesting how some of the more stylized  Japanese's manga remind me of wood print blocks. The less words bubbles, the more action and detail and imaginary. It's beautifully done. It only costed $5 for me as a student and it was worth every penny.

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