Monday, February 1, 2010

Sol Lewitt

Sol Lewitt is a conceptional artist amongst his passion to design structures during the 1960s. His view on conceptual art is very profound. He believed that the mental process of an idea is the essential part of creating this form of art. In the end resultthe art pieced would be viewed as an insperation of the moment that transend into something that give makes you raise your eye brow and confuse you, at first. Lewitt's idea of what makes conceptual art is expressed through examples of baseball and apes vs artist as examples. This type of creative expression can best be done through series of ways,form and technique. It's not the typical or traditional art style that we art trained to admire. It challenges the conviention of what art was and how it could be expressed through other forms. His short essay set the standard for a better defination of conceptual strategies and style.

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